Build This Kingdom Productions

One thing that I’m hoping to grow in is telling stories through video. I’ve got an awful lot of growing to do, but it’s something that I truly enjoy. I’m proud of the videos I’ve been able to put together, because I’m proud of the people that I get to share about. It’s all about building God’s Kingdom together and celebrating the gifts, dreams and talents of those in the church. This brings God glory. 


I’m really excited to share this video as we get the word out on our major project in Tanzania – Kingdom Families. Melissa and I are so excited about the direction this project is heading in and excited to spread the word to others. Our project is all about getting orphaned and abandoned children into loving Christian families where they belong. Melissa did the video footage for the video and gave some good ideas that I used in the video. Music: “Shepherd” by Bethel Music

Kingdom Families from Build This Kingdom Productions on Vimeo.

This is a piece that I made about our dear friend and Global-Effect colleague, Vickie Hemman. She’s starting a girls home here in Tanzania that will be for rescuing girls out of prostitution and abusive situations. So excited to see this phase of the project coming to completion and the next one (the rescue and restoration) starting to take place. Blessed by her story and her willingness to step out into God’s plan for her. Appreciate my wife for doing the video shots around the compound. Music: “Forgiven (Instrumental)” by Bethel Music

Kimbilio Girls Home from Build This Kingdom Productions on Vimeo.

This is a promo video that I did for our family as we were returning to Tanzania back in January of 2014. We had been on a year and a half hiatus from ministry and coming back wanted to emphasize the discipleship aspect to our ministry. We have since then taken over Kingdom Families which has ended up being our larger ministry focus, but we still continue discipleship in other ways. My wife shot the footage for this video too. Music: Josh Garrels.

The Stivers in Tanzania from Build This Kingdom Productions on Vimeo.

When I was a high schooler, I spent a whole lot of time and took a whole lot of footage of this guy skating. The thing is, I had no knowledge or means of putting it into a video. Well, I promised him I would and put this together from footage of just two skate sessions. Not the magnitude of footage from when we were kids, but at least it’s something! So proud of this guy and glad to put this together. The skater is Andy Tobey and the spots are Paso Robles Pioneer Skatepark and Templeton Skatepark. Music: “Native Lungs” by Braille.

Andy Tobey (A Skate Video) from Build This Kingdom Productions on Vimeo.

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