Citizen Cope “Sideways”

This song is simply incredible. You’ve probably heard it before, but its always worth a listen. One of the most amazing things about music is that notes can register with a person’s soul. Aside from the lyrics (which are really good too in this song), a sound can speak to a person’s heart and release emotion. I think that happens quite beautifully in this song. Give this live recording a listen…

Felis Mubibya “Jina Lako Milele”

A friend just put out his music video and I thought I’d share it. If you aren’t familiar with African music, this is a good introduction. It also helps that they’ve subtitled the song for those that don’t speak Swahili. Worship music is very mainstream in Tanzania and Felis put up about the best quality African music video that I’ve seen. You can check his album out at Enjoy!