“What I have to Offer”

This video speaks to so much in our culture. The man that put this together is a friend of a friend and I think his films evoke such emotion and speak to some very deep places in our soul. I highly suggest checking out his work on Vimeo (Eliot Rausch), its inspiring creatively and even philosophically.

What I have to Offer from Eliot Rausch on Vimeo.

the letter m – “thrive”



How quickly time flies and you realize you haven’t touched your blog in a while. Can’t say why exactly I haven’t written lately, be it laziness, apathy, cowardice or some combination. At any rate, I do want to share a blog that I enjoy. That being my wife Melissa’s blog. She’s got this great series called “Thrive” where she shares about really thriving in everyday life. She always shares good photos too, so I’d suggest it. Hope you’ll take a minute to check out her most recent edition of the series about adjusting to life’s plans and redoing the room we’re currently calling home. Just click below…

the letter m – thrive // room redo

anashida na wewe

From my friend Lauren. A look into a fellow missionary’s life in Tanzania.

he has a problem with you.

he needs to speak with you.

he needs to ask you for a  favor.

you won’t know what to say.

you won’t know what to do.

you’ll try your best to help with the solution.

this cycle is becoming all too common lately.  there’s a part of me that longs to not hear it.  with the first murmur of anashida na wewe, my heart starts pumping faster and i can hear dixie chicks  singing “ready to run” in my head.  just kidding.  that’s what i do when things get serious, i tell awkward jokes.  oh well.

so yesterday, the cycle beckoned, and i couldn’t avoid.  i stood on the shores of redemption and new life, and listened as the chief talked about fading life.  there was a woman in his village that tried to have an abortion and now she needed to get to…

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