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As God has given me a burden and delight in fathering and helping orphans and vulnerable children, I’ve realized that there are people out there that far surpass anything that I could come up. These people have influenced and shaped many of my beliefs and understanding of Christian orphan care and adoption. If anything about our ministry or what you read here on Build This Kingdom sparks your intrigue, I recommend delving in deeper with the following.

orphan-justice-book-graphic-500Orphan Justice: How to Care for Orphans Beyond Adopting
Johnny Carr
This is my favorite book on Christian orphan care. Carr goes into a litany of different issues that affect orphans throughout the world as well as discussing ways that the church can be involved in helping the children. Fatherlessness is the seed of so many other forms of brokenness and oppression and Carr sheds light on many of those in this book. I couldn’t recommend this book any higher. It honestly transformed and enlightened me to understand what true gospel orphan care looks like and the dire need for orphans to truly receive that holistic gospel in the flesh. (Find on Amazon)

The-Connected-ChildThe Connected Child
Dr. Karyn Purvis
The Connected Child in so many ways is the definitive work on adoption and foster care families. Dr. Purvis and her team are spot-on in their methods and the highest regard I can give to this book is that it really works and really transforms the families. I feel a personal debt of gratitude to Dr. Purvis for writing this book as what I learned impacted and formed the ways that my wife and I approach and parent our adopted son. Beyond that, the parenting advice applies to our children which are not adopted as well. I literally think about this book everyday when engaging with my son, Moses, because the methods and knowledge discussed here have been ingrained into our minds. If you are adopting or welcoming a child through foster care, you must read this book. It’ll save you many headaches and many times where you just don’t know what to do. (Find on Amazon)

orphanology_bookOrphanology: Awakening to Gospel-Centered Adoption and Orphan Care
Tony Merida & Rick Morton
Orphanology serves as a good biblical primer on why Christians do adoption and orphan care. Later in the book, the authors get into the ‘how’ which is equally important. I love the point of starting from the authority and example of scripture and then extrapolating the need for Christians to be involved in caring for orphans. Within our own ministry in Kingdom Families, the biblical mandate to care for orphans (James 1:27) and the example of God’s adoption of us (Romans 8:12-17) are the baseline starting point for all that we do within our network of churches. Christians must understand that they absolutely have a role to play within caring for orphans and biblically speaking should already be engaged. (Find on Amazon)


In Pursuit of Orphan Excellence
Philip Darke, Keith McFarland and other contributors
This book runs the whole gamut of what it means to care for orphans with excellence, as the title of course implies. From the onset, the book establishes that when we discuss orphans, we must understand that we are talking about our kids; not second class citizens or people that deserve less than others. How we approach our own children ought to dictate how we approach the orphans in our midst. This pursuit of excellence leads to a constant desire and work towards God’s ideal. As is aptly spoken early on in the book, that excellence is centered around family. Everything else will flow from God through the family. This is an important book within the Christian orphan care movement and one that we must consider. (Find on Amazon)



Jason Johnson Blog
Jason Johnson
This blog has a ton of insight and practical knowledge about getting involved in orphan care. Beyond that Johnson offers great encouragement and insight for those that are already on the adoption/foster care journey. He is in leadership with Christian Alliance for Orphans and an adoptive father himself, so you know his stuff is spot on. Since it’s a blog, you of course have the added bonus of it being free and updated with new content regularly. Follow Jason’s Blog