Heidi May and The Frisbee

Here are some shots that I took while Melissa and I played with my parents dogs. One of their dogs, Heidi May, is half labrador retriever and half german shorthair. That equation means she has a grip load of energy. Her favorite thing to do is have the frisbee thrown and she is remarkably good at catching it. Anyways, here’s some shots that I snapped. It was difficult for me to really capture the motion of these shots, but had a few that turned out alright. It, of course, doesn’t hurt that I have an incredibly beautiful wife throwing the frisbee around. She makes me look good.


We Stivers are friends of animals. Yesterday my sister came home from work with a turtle that she found wandering dangerously on the road. My mom and her decided to drive the turtle to one of the many local lakes.  I started taking some photos then Melissa and I jumped in the car with them. As we were heading over there we found another turtle aimlessly meandering on the road, so we grabbed him too. As we set them free, I grabbed some more shots with the camera. Then as we headed back, we found yet another turtle crossing the road. We picked him up too and dropped him by a different lake closer to the house. Here’s the shots from our little venture…

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